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Our Delray Beach Fitness Trainers are ready when you are – amped to motivate you into shape on your schedule. Our dedicated, high-energy Certified Personal Trainers are equipped with the skill to maximize your fitness goals like nothing else. From basic toning to Weight Loss Training, Advanced Sports Performance Training and Cross Training – we have what you need.

High Quality Trainers = High Quality Results!

What Is A Fitness Trainer?

A fitness trainer is an exercise professional trained and certified to provide safe and effective wellness programs aimed at weight loss, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, improving strength and flexibility, event preparation or any other fitness goal. The personal training Delray Beach professionals at Purlife Fitness Center have each pursued special certifications focused on diet, fitness and overall health to mold your body to meet your fitness goals. No two people have the same goals when it comes to fitness and your personal training Delray fitness professional will be sure to tailor their approach to meet those goals specific to you.

What happens in a Personal Training session?

Every personal training session is unique and each personal trainer has their own style, but everyone follow a similar general format. Typically, the first few sessions are used to workout the kinks in your personal training Delray session. Your current level of fitness is evaluated and weights and limits are established. Remember, this is a period of evaluation, so go easy on yourself. You personal trainer needs to establish a baseline before developing your personal workout routine, but will soon have you performing at levels you never thought you could do!

After a baseline is established, each session will build upon the previous. Some may isolate muscle groups while others will include a total body workout. Cardio and strength training exercises will work together to push, motivate and build your body to peak performance.

What happens in the initial Personal Training Delray consultation session?

Your initial consultation with your personal trainer is what sets you up for success. Your personal trainer will ask you questions about your fitness goals, fitness history, preferred means of exercise, diet and other health-related questions. Remain truthful during these initial questions to give your personal trainer the most accurate idea of your abilities and fitness goals. These questions will shape your program and establish the necessary steps to help you reach your goals.

What if I need to reschedule a session?

We’re flexible people – if you give us enough time. If you need to reschedule a personal training session for any reason, let your trainer know right away. They will then work with you to reschedule for another time. Please, give us know less than an hour’s notice or you risk being billed for the missed personal training session.

This rule works both way. Though they might seem it, our mighty personal trainers are people too and sometimes fall ill or have emergencies of their own. If your Delray Beach Personal Trainer is forced to reschedule your session, they will reach out to you well ahead of time.


The Personal Training System at PūrLife Fitness is designed as an organized set of checks and balances to ensure clients reach an optimal level of fitness and athleticism. We start off by addressing function and stability issues. Then our program bridges the gap between aesthetics and performance, by shedding body fat and promoting overall wellness. Finishing our Program focusing on movement resulting in maximum strength and power. Your PūrLife Team will address your individual goals and concerns, continuing to focus on them throughout your Transformation. Our goal for you is to  achieve a top level of fitness by creating a body that’s Healthy, Functional, Lean, and Strong.

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