750 kcal burned


Level: Hard
Limit of participants

Purlife Endurance Workouts Classes

PūrEndurance – 60 minutes

This full-body workout is designed to improve cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. The class focuses on lighter weights and higher repetitions to tone muscles and improve stamina. Participants work through timed intervals of exercises for every muscle group. The class also features short cardio intervals on the treadmills, arc trainers, rowers, and spin bikes.

Purendurance Endurance Workouts

Endurance Workouts Delray Beach Aerobic exercises are activities that increase your heart and respiration rates. These are also known as endurance workouts. Historically, these are things like walking, jogging, swimming and biking. However, you can also achieve aerobic results from endurance workouts that make use of light weights with a high rep count and short rest periods, like those offered in our endurance workouts class, Purendurance.

Recognizing the Need for Endurance Workouts

Are endurance workouts for me? Let’s see,…would you like to have more energy for your daily activities? Last longer at work and at play? Feel better and be healthier? Then Purendurance is for you!

Endurance Workouts in a Class Setting

There are many benefits to doing your endurance workouts in a class setting. Amongst them are: ensuring that you are using proper form, safety and increased motivation. Proper form in and of itself keeps you safer when you are working out; it also helps you achieve greater results from your efforts. Working in a class setting also helps keep you motivated. When you see others in Purendurance keeping pace, you’re going to want to keep up as well. Or perhaps you are kind of competitive and want to last longer than the person next to you. You will be motivated by the class as well.

The Personal Touch of Purlife Personal Trainers

Purlife has some of the BEST personal trainers in the business. Your health, safety and helping you to meet your fitness goals are their primary focus. The small class size that we offer in Purendurance assures you that you will receive the persona attention that you need to keep you safe and motivated. There is no reason that you will need to go anywhere else for your fitness needs when we have everything you need here at Purlife.

Getting Started With PurEndurnace Workouts

Whether you are in great shape or have been out of the gym for a while, you are welcome to come and join us. There is no wrong time to start getting healthy. There is no judgment in our Purendurance class, only the desire to help you meet your fitness goals. We want you to feel welcome and will do everything to make you feel comfortable during your transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Purlife’s Endurance Workouts

We can’t help you if you don’t come in! So please, drop in, take a tour of our Delray Beach gym facility, meet some of our personal trainers and check us out. You will be blown away by not only with our facility but with the staff as well. Purlife…is not just a gym, it’s a lifestyle.