Clean Eating 101

The problem that most people face when they want to lose weight is treating it as a diet. Clean eating has to be a life long process. Diets are short lived and are easy to give up on. Incorporating healthy eating habits into the way you live your everyday life is the only way to lose weight and keep...


Healthy Living Starts at Home

Many people assume that if they go to the gym, they can do and eat whatever they want during the day. However, this isn’t true. Healthy living involves much more than just working out for an hour a day. You have to be committed to healthy living if you want to make progress. Today we are going...


Preventive Measures with Stephen and Serina

Let’s talk about Fiber. Our doctors tell us we need more fiber, television ads for fiber supplements tout digestive health and regularity, but do we actually know what fiber is and why it is important? Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. Though most carbohydrates are broken d...


8-Week Personal Training Challenge

Join us for our 8-Week Personal Training Challenge! Prize: We’re giving the gift of fitness! The participant who demonstrates the most progress over the 8-week challenge will win ten 30-minute sessions for a family member or friend! Cost: $0 Start/End Dates: Monday, February 20th–Sunday,...


Why Hire a Certified Personal Trainer?

If you are serious about getting fit and transforming your body, you may want to hire a certified personal trainer. There are lots of ways to improve your health and fitness. But without someone to coach and guide your efforts, the process can be more frustrating than fulfilling. Here are just a few...